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A Day of Play + Purpose

A Day of Play + Purpose

Hi friends,

Happy Halloween. Oh, my goodness. What a fun day. I really enjoy this day because, for most people, this is the one and only day out of the entire year they allow themselves to be whatever they want to be. Whatever. I love this day because, for me, this day represents play and possibility. And that’s a huge reason why I exist here for all of you is to invite you to really lean into the possibility of who you can be and not just today. I’m curious if you allowed yourself to pretend and play, what would you do today? How would you show up? What could be different and extra special about today? To what extent would you allow yourself to live any dreams that you’ve had. Right? While still being you, you can do whatever you want to do. You can explore frequency. You can explore your greaterness without limitation. Are there any things you do or believe about yourself or even consider as possible today that you didn’t even imagine possible yesterday? Going deeper, are there things, maybe information you can glean about yourself and your beliefs, that you can carry into tomorrow?

I really invite you to consider play and possibility. Really unpacking your beliefs of what you’ve believed to be true and consider what else might be true. I do a lot of belief work helping people identify and release their limiting beliefs of lack, limitation, and separation. These are limiting beliefs that are often so deeply ingrained, taught to us, we’re not born with them, and so deeply held.

They’re always bogus, they’re always lame, they’re always lies, and yet we will fight for them. We’ll fight for our limitedness. And so I really kind of invite you to experiment today and see what’s possible on a day where, again, society just permits and allows more than it might normally -of the 364 other days. Right? And what could you allow for yourself possibly today that can show you something like, “Oh, my gosh, maybe I am enough. Maybe this is possible. Maybe this can be.” I invite you to pretend, daydream, kind of thin the schism between your dreams and goals and your reality. Right? Bring those two together and see what’s possible. And how fun – you can play. You can dress up if you want to.

You don’t have to. Limiting beliefs are really interesting because they can show up anywhere in subtle ways or very big, loud, extreme ways. Looking like, “I could never be this because X, Y or Z. I could never have that because of X, Y, or Z.” Or, “I am not enough because of whatever.” Or “I don’t have enough because of whatever. I am not old enough. I’m not young enough. I’m not smart enough. I’m not experienced enough. I don’t have enough wisdom. I don’t have enough energy. I don’t have enough time. I’m whatever.” Or, “I’m not whatever.” It could even look like, “I don’t like that thing. I don’t want that thing. Get it away from me.” It could be so many things that today, with a little bit more openness and acceptance or allowance, you might realize, “Hey, maybe it is possible!”

What a fun way to play. I wish you joy, ease, fun, lightheartedness and the beginning of your greaterness. By identifying and releasing – unbinding – your beliefs, releasing all the limitation, lack, separation that just isn’t true because you’re amazing and you might be even more amazing than you’ve ever realized.

Jade is known as The 5D Coach – an awakened lightworker and certified life coach helping you release limiting beliefs and raise your frequency because you deserve to enjoy life and love you. For a complimentary coaching session please visit The5DCoach.com.

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