Current Offerings

Current Offerings


90-minutes live online

Want to know how to make your dreams come true? Join me for DreamDrawing™ and learn a most powerful method of manifestation.

A glimpse of the experience:

  • Part I: Truth-telling of our innate greatness
  • Part II: DreamDrawing™ (what + how)
  • Part III: Manifestation in action
  • Bonus: Q&A (ask any question you have on self-mastery and creating reality)

(DreamDrawing™ is learning how to materialize your dreams into reality; this is not an art class)

5D Coaching

6-month package available; live online

I meet you where you are and share truths of your power and life’s magic. I teach the proven formulas to manifestation of high-frequency abundance, and offer practical tips to help you create the life of your dreams no matter your starting point or perceived obstacles. Along the journey, you will inevitably:

  • Identify your wants and actions with conscious awareness
  • Release limiting programs and beliefs
  • Conquer the altered ego

All sessions are offered in a safe, welcoming space free from judgment (live online or by phone). Recordings are available for all online sessions.

“Treasure this day, and treasure yourself. Truly, neither will ever happen again.” – Ray Bradbury