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Easy Tips for Radiant Health

Easy Tips for Radiant Health

Hi, friends. I want to take just a really quick moment to talk about health and really quick, practical, free, easy ways to move into radiant health. Begin enjoying an abundance of radiant health. Are you ready? So one thing I want to share right off the bat is our health is determined by our belief systems. I’ll be talking about health and the connection to the physical manifestation of all the things that are going on in our mind, in our consciousness, in our energy.

I will happily share lots of videos and talks and talk with each of you one on one as much as you’d like about radiant health. It is a huge passion and priority of mine to share the information that I’ve received so that I am now able to live in beautiful, abundant, radiant health. In the meantime, here are some things that you can do any day, any time, whenever you think about it.

One, breathe. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly. Check in on your breath in any given moment. How are you breathing? To what extent are you breathing deeply? Are you breathing shallow? Calm. Slow down. Enjoy a really nice deep inhale and exhale slowly. One of the most beautiful times to take calm, centering, deep breaths is before enjoying a meal.

Slow down. Enjoy slowing down. You can do this. You can start slowing down as you’re breathing deeply. That’s a beautiful way to slow down. Try to be present in each moment. When you enter a room, look around the room, sit, notice your feet on the ground. Notice the feeling of the material of the chair that you’re sitting in or the table in front of you.

Is it glossy? Is it matte? Is it made of metal or wood or another material? You can touch your pant leg or your blouse or you can just be present with a touch and slow down. Stretch. Stretch your body. Stretch your limbs in all directions. Put your arms up. Put your arms to the side. If you can, sit on the ground and point your toes, straighten your legs, move to the extent that you feel comfortable and safe. Bring each ear a little bit closer to your shoulder, very gently and slowly. Maybe look to the side while keeping your chest forward.

Whatever is safe and comfortable for you, stretch your body, your beautiful human body. Really great spices or foods that you can eat that have beautiful, radiant health, to the extent that you feel comfortable eating them: Ginger, onions, garlic, and turmeric. These all boost your immune system and they’re really good for the body. Relax. Try to relax as much as you can.

All of these things can promote relaxation, but maybe even soaking your feet, soak your feet in an Epsom salt little foot bath. That would be amazing. Remember to take those deep breaths and have gratitude for you. Have gratitude for your beautiful body and know that I love you. And I’ll talk with you soon. I hope this helps.

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