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Focus on Frequency

Focus on Frequency

Hi, friends. I’m really excited about this video. This may possibly be one of the most important pieces of information that you receive in this life. I can tell you with full truth that this knowledge completely transformed my existence to the most beautiful, joyful, possible existence. I love it. So indeed, I’m grateful to share it with you. Are you ready?

It’s three words: Focus on frequency. Focus on frequency. I’m going to say it one more time so remember it: Focus on frequency. What is frequency? Well, you can think of it as vibration or energy. Every single thing has vibration, especially you. And that’s why this is important. One thing I want to tell you right out of the gate about frequency is that different things can resonate at the same frequency and not even know it.

And whatever resonates at the same frequency, or vibration, naturally has a way of connecting. Why does this matter? Well, so again, you resonate at a specific frequency and it can change from now moment to now moment to now moment. And if anything else is resonating at that same frequency you’re going to – you can – attract. So isn’t it important to know the frequency in which you’re vibrating at the present time?

I want to share a bit more about what frequency is and what really forms it. So the frequency that you have in you at this very moment was formed by two things: your thoughts and your emotions. All thoughts and emotions have a frequency. They’re either higher frequencies or lower frequencies. So none are “better” or “worse” than the other.

Like anything in life, it simply is. What are higher frequencies? Higher frequencies, oh, you can feel it. You can see it in my face just thinking about it. It’s love. It’s joy. It’s gratitude. It’s anything that can make you smile. And bliss, gratitude, compassion. All those beautiful (emotions). You can feel it, right? You can feel something happening right now just thinking about them.

It’s like when you see an adorable puppy or a kitty or you’re in awe in nature. It’s a very high, beautiful frequency. And then on the spectrum, we also have lower frequencies. Again, these aren’t “good,” they aren’t “bad,” they simply are. And in a 3D world, you’ve got to have both sides, right? Lower frequencies can be sadness, sorrow, guilt, shame, regret, embarrassment, frustration, loneliness, fear, judgment.

So all of these have their own unique frequency. And again, if anything else is bebopping out there in the world and it’s resonating at that same frequency or vibration, they can align, they can connect. So it’s really important -this is wonderful work that I encourage you to start trying – is see what frequency you’re currently in. How do you know?

Well, two ways. By checking in with yourself, you can feel it in your body physically, you can have physical sensations, and you can feel emotion. So physical sensations – do you have the chills on your skin? To what extent are you breathing deeply or are you taking shallow breaths in your lungs? How’s your heart rate? Is your heart beating at a faster pace or are you feeling pretty calm and content and it’s at your normal, average resting heart rate. Your blood. Do you feel like your blood is pumping? Do you feel like your blood is boiling? What do you feel? Not literally boiling, but what do you feel physically in your body? Do you feel excitement? And then what emotions are you experiencing in the present time? Are you feeling loved? Are you loving the state that you’re in?

Are you in a state of joy? Are you feeling very peaceful, centered, calm, present, content? Are you scared? Are you about to experience a new experience you’ve never had before? Are you excited? Did you just leave a situation that you’re just so energized or you’re feeling a little bit deflated? Are you pissed? Are you feeling so triumphant?

Victorious? What are you feeling? It can be pretty easy the more and more you check in with yourself, especially with those emotions and any thoughts that are going on in your mind. You will know if you’re feeling higher vibrations, higher frequencies, or lower. When we feel lower frequencies, we tend to not necessarily want to be around many other people.

We might want to just rest our body. With lower frequencies we can describe it as feeling kind of down. Whereas with the higher frequencies we still might want to be by ourselves, but we might want to engage with life in different ways. So I really do invite you, if you’d like, to do an experiment with me to benefit yourself. Start checking in with you, check in with yourself and think in different scenarios whenever it comes to your mind, whenever you remember this video or think of “focus on frequency.”

If you hear the word “energy” or “vibration” or you think of Marky Mark’s “Good Vibrations” song, whatever it is. Whenever you remember to, absolutely check in with yourself and see, “Hey, how am I feeling right now? How do I physically feel on my body? What emotions am I feeling? What am I thinking? Am I feeling like this is a higher frequency or a lower frequency?”

The more that you check in with yourself, the more that you’ll be able to easily identify what frequencies are – which ones are higher, which ones are lower, what that feels like for you personally. And then, and this is the greatest thing – when you check in with yourself to see, How am I feeling right now? I’m going to focus on my frequency.

What is it?” So you observe, “Oh, okay, so that’s my frequency right now.” You can also consider, “Where do I want it to be? Do I like it where it’s at or do I maybe want it higher?” You can just observe yourself without judgment, “Okay, this is how I’m feeling. Oh, look up there. I want to be a little bit higher.”

So how do you raise your frequency? And this is the end game – this is the goal. Think of something that makes you smile. Think of something that lifts your spirits – that is a beautiful phrase that I take literally. What lifts you up? What picks you up? What lights you up? What brings you into a state of joy or into happiness?

When do you feel loved, lovable, loving? Think of something you’re grateful for. Oh, my goodness, life is beautiful and filled with so many things to be grateful for. I’m thinking of you. You’re alive. You’re in my life. We’ve known each other for years and I love that. I’m so grateful. See? It just loves me up and energizes me.

I’m so grateful for you. You can think of me just knowing, legitimately, I guarantee I’m thinking of you right now. It’s like magic. Reach out to a loved one or sit and realize, “Hey, I have this moment to take for myself. I’m liking that.” Think of flowers. Think of nature. You can look online at pictures that people take of nature. Be in awe of nature. Look at little baby animals, whatever brings you joy. Music. Oh, my goodness. Music is a wonderful example of frequency and the higher frequencies and lower frequencies. If you note, there are some times with different genres, you vibe with them really smoothly and there’s times where you want to hear a song or there’s times someone else is listening to music and it does not resonate with you at all.

Those are different frequencies. Same with people. There can be people that you, gosh, is there anyone in your life you really enjoy being around? Your frequencies most likely align more than most. I do encourage you to check in. Those are the three easy steps to completely transforming your life, by the way.

1) You’re made aware. You’re made aware that frequency exists.

2) Care. Care what frequency that you’re in and know what that is by

3) going there; focus on your frequency. Check in on yourself. You can raise your frequency. It may not last forever and that’s great – life is meant for experiencing. And if we had the same frequency throughout all of our now moments, it would get really – we’d get bored with it.

So it’s really exciting we have all these different frequencies. And be thoughtful of how you’re vibrating, what your frequency is, because keep in mind that anything else sharing that vibration, that frequency, can certainly connect with you. Thank you so much for watching. Remember to check in and know that I love you and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

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