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Permit Yourself to Rest

Permit Yourself to Rest

Hi friends,

Happy 11/11. Happy Veterans Day. I want to pause and express heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have served and supported those who served to help protect us, keep us safe, and nurture all that we love. You are honored today and every day. Happy Friday. Indeed, Happy 11/11. I don’t know how you all are feeling.

I can feel a lot of healing in my physical body and just to my core. A lot’s been coming up and I feel really tired and it’s a beautiful thing. I am checking in on myself to know that I’m tired and I’m curious if this resonates with you. I want to take a moment to encourage you if you’d like to really love on you today. Check in on you, see how you’re feeling and respond to what you want.

It may be possible that you want to rest, and I really encourage you – I’d be happy to be the person that permits you, although you never need permission from anyone else – to rest. If your body’s craving any foods, consider if you’d like to enjoy those foods. Maybe there’s something nourishing in them that your body would appreciate. Rest, rest, rest, rest, rest.

when you are wanting and ready to rest. Hydrate. Water is a conduit for energy. It helps everything in our entire being properly function. So I really, really encourage you to consider drinking pure, clean spring water. I’m not a licensed medical practitioner. I’m not a certified nutritionist. I’m not giving you medical advice. This is just my perspective and what I enjoy.

I drink pure spring water that does not have any electrolytes added to it. To nurture my brain health and tummy, my digestive system and immunity, I do not drink water that has electrolytes added to it, chlorine, or fluoride. Those are non-negotiables for me. And check in on you. I can’t emphasize that enough. Today is a really great day to acknowledge your living, physical being and nurture you.

Practice self-care. Get good rest. Feel free to do whatever helps you feel loved and cared for.

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